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Truck transferring soil

Before you invest in a new home or office building, make sure the site you're planning to use has suitable soil. The larger the building the harder it is to find a suitable site to build. Every day we see buildings around the world swallowed by sinkholes or split by settling. Don't let yours be next, call Scott Engineering Co today for the most thorough soil analysis.

Soil boring

We're experts in planning and designing foundations, retaining walls, and similar structures. As well as anticipating future soil problems.

The exact makeup of your soil will determine much about the nature of your project and is a critical first step in planning adequate foundations and retaining walls for the development of your property.

Expert soil sampling services

Our engineers are experts in the execution and interpretation of a wide range of soil tests. We employ a full range of the latest testing techniques and equipment on every job so that we come away with the most complete picture of your property. Developing land without knowing what's beneath it is just asking for trouble. Don't get burned; call us today.

Soil sampling technicians

Find out what's going on underneath you, call;